HD to co-host public forum with the Global Center for Pluralism, on ‘Pluralism and Peace in a Fragmenting World: What is Canada’s Role?’, 27 October 2016, in Ottawa, Canada.

In partnership with the Global Center for Pluralism, the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue (HD) is co-hosting the Pluralism Forum to discuss pluralism in peacebuilding and the opportunities for Canadian leadership. The central question of the Forum is how Canada can contribute to reinventing the tools of peacebuilding to support more pluralistic, peaceful societies. Participants in the Forum include David Gorman, HD’s Eurasia Regional Director; The Right Honourable Joe Clark, Former Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister of Canada; Dr. Marie-Joëlle Zahar, Director, Research Network on Peace Operations; and Dr. Roland Paris, University Research Chair in International Security and Governance at the University of Ottawa. The Pluralism Forum will be held in Ottawa, Canada, on the 27 October. Click here to register.

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