Consultative phase of the Libyan National Conference comes to an end 

(Arabic version of this press release can be found below). A delegation from the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue (HD) met with the United Nations Special Representative of the Secretary-General to Libya, Dr Ghassan Salamé in Tripoli on 11 July 2018, to mark the end of the consultative phase of the Libyan National Conference Process.

More than 7000 Libyans participated in over 75 sessions in 43 locations throughout the country and abroad. This inclusive and public consultation process, managed by HD at the request of the UN SRSG, lasted 14 weeks ending in the desert oasis of Tazerbo on 11 July. Digital communication was used to great effect allowing hundreds of thousands of citizens to actively contribute to the process. The meetings were covered in detail from beginning to end by local Libyan media.  

“Libyans from all corners of this beautiful and diverse country came together to share their aspirations for the future stability of Libya,” said Christopher Thornton, HD’s Libya Project Manager. “We have seen people yearning for an end to the crisis which has engulfed Libya and a desire to work hand in hand to rebuild it. This will take sacrifice and compromise, but from what we have seen, the Libyan public are ready.”

Participants proposed recommendations according to a common agenda, which tackled key issues facing Libya today: national priorities; defence and security; institution-building and governance; as well as the electoral and constitutional processes. Reports of the individual sessions have been collected and are being processed to form the final report which will comprise the main outcomes.

HD would like to thank Libyan authorities for their co-operation, all local Libyan actors for their engagement in their process, as well as United Nation Support Mission in Libya for their support.  HD would also like to thank the European Union and German Federal Foreign Office for their considerable support to this process.


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  • Historic National Conference Process begins in Libya
    The NCP, which forms an integral part of the United Nations’ (UN) action plan for Libya, seeks to give a say to all Libyans in shaping the response to the ongoing crisis, including those who have not been able to participate in the political process until now. It represents a unique opportunity for all Libyans to contribute to fostering stability, advancing national reconciliation and shaping the future of their country.
  • Third round of high-level dialogue on Libyan crisis in Switzerland
    As part of its regular consultations with Libyans, HD facilitated a meeting on 12 to 14 February in Switzerland of over 50 influential figures from Libya to examine the causes of the current crisis and solutions for urgently addressing it.
  • Libyan mayors hold historic meeting to promote their country’s stability
    The Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue (HD) commends Libyan mayors for coming together this week in Tunisia, in an unprecedented display of patriotism and unity during this time of crisis. For the first time since the conflict began seven years ago, almost all Libyan municipalities and local authorities gathered for three days to discuss how they can contribute to ending the ongoing violence and the suffering of all citizens.
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