Mediation Practice Series – Peacemaking and new technologies


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Rapid advances in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are having a profound impact on political, economic and social life. This includes peace processes, as well as armed conflict parties and mediators, who use digital technologies daily for analysis, communication and decision-making. Yet, little has been written about the effects of digital technology on mediation and its potential in supporting the prevention and resolution of violent conflicts. In this 8th publication in HD’s Mediation Practice Series, authors Joëlle Jenny, Rosi Greenberg, Vincent Lowney and Guy Banim help mediators frame discussions about the impact of ICT innovations on conflict and mediation. They highlight some of the opportunities and risks around using online sources to analyse a conflict. They also offer ethical guidelines and a threat assessment framework to explore the risks and benefits of ICT applications which may be used to communicate privately and with the wider public.

The Mediation Practice Series is a collection of short publications which seek to provide mediation practitioners with insight into how challenges have been addressed by others in order to help them prepare for the demands of mediation. The series draws on feedback from mediators and their teams and aims to address the lack of adequate reference material and insight into other peace processes available in this field.

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