Mediation Practice Series – Negotiating Ceasefires


By Non classé

Mediators are faced with many dilemmas when helping to negotiate ceasefires. Those range from dealing with the differing interests of the parties to the conflict, to the way in which a ceasefire may be integrated into a wider peace process, and whether the question of disarmament of armed groups should be addressed in the framework of such agreements.

In Negotiating ceasefires, the third publication in the Mediation Practice Series, Luc Chounet-Cambas examines how ceasefires, as one element in a wider process, are negotiated by third parties and how such agreements may facilitate the transition from war to peace. The author examines in particular the purpose of ceasefire agreements, challenges faced by mediators in their negotiation, and what options are available to them.

Negotiating ceasefires is the third publication in the Mediation Practice Series, a collection of short publications which seek to provide mediation practitioners with insight into how challenges have been addressed by others in order to help them prepare for the demands of mediation. The series draws on feedback from mediators and their teams and aims to address the lack of adequate reference material and insight into other peace processes available in this field.

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