Mediation Practice Series – Broadening participation in peace processes


By Non classé

Broadening participation in peace processes will ensure more sustainable peace agreements. However, a broader participation in negotiations also represents an additional challenge for mediators as it complicates negotiations further. Understanding on how to benefit from a broader participation without reducing the effectiveness of a peace process and the resulting accord thus needs to be improved.

In Broadening participation in peace processes, the fourth publication in the Mediation Practice Series, Thania Paffenholz provides mediators and their teams with a better understanding of the benefits of a broader participations as well as options on how to go about it without sacrificing the process’ effectiveness. The publication covers key points including who to include in processes, why  broadening participation matters, opportunities and value added, potential challenges and how to address those, as well as practical models of participation.

The Mediation Practice Series is a collection of short publications which seek to provide mediation practitioners with insight into how challenges have been addressed by others in order to help them prepare for the demands of mediation. The series draws on feedback from mediators and their teams and aims to address the lack of adequate reference material and insight into other peace processes available in this field.

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