International Humanitarian Law Trainer – Request for proposal (RFP)

The Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue (HD) is currently looking for an International Humanitarian Law Trainer – Request for proposal (RFP).

To establish a conducive environment for peace negotiations, HD engages with both state forces and armed non-state actors with the objective of reducing civilian suffering and de-escalating military confrontation through mutually agreed confidence-building measures. The consultant will contribute to different projects implemented in Africa and deliver the following outputs:

  • Develop a training module combining an online component with condensed in situ trainings for members of non-state armed groups aimed at enhancing their understanding in two interrelated areas: 
  • International Humanitarian Law (IHL): In addition to explaining general principles of humanitarian law (distinction, proportionality, military necessity) to a non-legal audience engaged in the planning and execution of armed combat, the consultant is expected to distill specific examples of recurrent IHL violations in particular armed conflicts. 
  • Military confidence-building measures implemented in the context of peace negotiations:  establishment of demilitarized zones, humanitarian corridors, cessation of hostilities or cease-fire agreements. Drawing on practical examples from peace negotiations across different contexts, s/he will generate context-specific options for a gradual de-escalation of violence in the wake of or during peace negotiations. 
  • Liaise with relevant humanitarian organizations, think tanks and academic institutions offering IHL trainings to non-academic audiences.
  • Conduct a maximum of five trainings (online and in situ) with different armed groups over the course of 2022 in close collaboration with Geneva-based HD staff. 


Requirements to apply:

  • At least 5 years of proven experience in a relevant field: IHL advisor/trainer, preferably with a military background. At least one year of experience in teaching IHL in geographic contexts marked by armed conflict.
  • Thorough understanding of international humanitarian law, international human rights law and international peacebuilding/making architectures.
  • Availability for short teaching assignment (maximum one week) in different countries and geographic regions, including hardship settings.
  • Fluent command of English and a second language such as French (an asset) or an African language.
  • Knowledge of and commitment to conflict resolution, as well as political and cultural knowledge of Africa.


How to Apply:

If you are interested in this consulting mission and meet the criteria defined above, please send a complete file including your resume and motivation letter to the following address by November 14th 2021. Please indicate your name and Africa – IHL consultant in the subject line of your e-mail.


In submitting its file, Bidder declares:

  • Confidentiality: Bidder shall ensure that it, and its directors, officials, employees and subcontractors comply with the terms of confidentiality agreed with HD.  Bidder understands and agrees that the upmost professional discretion must be exercised with respect of all matters related to this RFP and that confidentiality is of great importance to HD.
  • No Conflict of Interest: Neither Bidder nor any personnel or subcontractors proposed to deliver the work have any conflict of interest if Bidder were to be selected by HD for the services.  In particular: 
  • personnel/ proposed subcontractors are not subject to any obligations to a third party that would prevent such persons from fully performing any of the proposed services.
  • neither Bidder nor personnel/subcontractors have personal, professional, financial, proprietary or other interests of any kind with any collaborating or competing institutions or other organizations that may compromise impartial and independent judgment or actions regarding its delivery of services proposed.
  • Bidder has undertaken due diligence and none of personnel/subcontractors proposed have previously worked for HD.


This RFP and any associated documents issued by HD or other information provided by HD shall not be interpreted as an offer capable of being accepted or as creating any contractual, other legal or restitution rights against HD (or its officials, personnel, subcontractors, associated offices or other partners).  In particular, no agreement for the provision of the services is created with a Bidder by virtue of the issuing of this RFP, by the submission of a proposal by a bidder or any discussions or responses to questions as part of the procurement process.  HD may select a preferred Bidder at its complete discretion and shall not be responsible for any costs or losses incurred by an unsuccessful bidder.


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