HD is willing to offer students an opportunity to acquire direct exposure and allow them to contribute to the organisation’s work through internships. Each intern will be paid a stipend for the duration of their internship.

When positions become available, HD will give preference to students undertaking degrees in political science, international relations, peace and conflict, human rights, humanitarian law or equivalent. Eligible candidates must also be fluent in English. Students with prior knowledge in pre- and post-conflict situations, conflict resolution and peacemaking, as well as with experience in researching, analysing and writing on political contexts will also be given preference.

In addition, in compliance with Swiss regulations, HD may only consider the following applications:

  • If the internship is required  for a diploma;
  • If the internship is undertaken after the completion of an initial course of study (Bachelor’s degree) and is meant to help the intern choose a further course of study (Master’s degree);
    a certificate from the second school will be requested;
  • If the candidate is currently doing a career transition within the framework of an official federal or cantonal scheme (unemployment internship programme).


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