The Mindanao Think Tank – Strengthening the Peace Process by Facilitating Dialogue with Stakeholders


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The Mindanao Think Tank (MTT) is a multi-stakeholder body based in Cotabato City and supported by the HD Centre. It seeks to inform communities on the peace process in Mindanao, solicit their opinions and feed these into the peace process through the parties. The group includes leading individuals from the Muslim, Christian and Indigenous People’s communities.

In the first half of 2010, the MTT conducted over 30 community and sectoral consultations and workshops, the results of which are included in four publications released in September 2010.

This publication, the third in the series, addresses the facilitation of discussions with stakeholders. In particular, it presents the MTT initiative in detail and explains its processes. It also presents the results of the literature review, community and sectoral consultations, key informants interviews, meetings of the MTT core group, as well as of the workshops and roundtable discussions organised by the MTT. The publication ends with a series of recommendations.

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