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Mediation through a media lens
16 August 2016

The publication, Mediation through a media lens, explores the interplay between mediators and the media. In a series of interviews, six prominent journalists – Ghaith Abdul-Ahad, Roger Cohen, Lyse Doucet, Bissane El-Cheikh, David Gardner and Janine di Giovanni – reflect on the challenges of covering peace processes.
The interviews aim to inform mediators about the role of the media in their working environment, with a view to identifying possible synergies in the pursuit of peace. They were conducted in order to stimulate debate at the 2016 Oslo Forum, and are now being made available to a wider audience.

The Search for Peace: Perspectives on Mediation 2010-2015
18 July 2016

The Search for Peace: Perspectives on Mediation 2010-2015, provides a unique compilation of interviews carried out for the Oslo Forum retreats with eminent mediators, thinkers and peace process actors. These interviews were conducted to stimulate the debates and discussions at the retreats over the last few years, and are being made available to a wider audience for the very first time.
The compilation includes interviews with former US President Jimmy Carter, women’s and children’s rights advocate Graça Machel, former UN-Arab League Joint Special Representative for Syria Lakhdar Brahimi, Professors Paul Collier, Mary Kaldor and Steven Pinker, as well as other prominent practitioners and thinkers, and representatives of armed groups. They offer frank viewpoints and intimate insights into the ups and downs of peacemaking work, and explore creative ways to address some of the most significant challenges it involves.

On Peacemaking: A Decade of Reflections 2006-2015
30 June 2016

On Peacemaking: A Decade of Reflections 2006-2015 HD draws together some of the most noteworthy papers written by mediators, thinkers and peace process actors for the Oslo Forum retreats. These papers were originally developed exclusively for participants in the Forum and they are being made available to a wider audience for the first time. The papers cover a wide range of topics from the role of the United Nations in mediation, to the complex interplay between peace and justice, the inclusion of women and civil society in peacemaking, the normative framework in which mediators operate, and the challenges of the implementation phase. They address some of the thorniest issues mediators face in designing peace processes and pursuing peaceful settlements to armed conflicts. The compendium provides a collage of reflections from across the Oslo Forum network and unique insights into peacemaking.

Diasporas as catalysts for dialogue: the cases of Laos and Papua
02 June 2016 by Marc Probst

What role can diasporas play in advancing peace? How can mediators work with diaspora groups to ensure that they contribute positively to the resolution of conflict? This paper examines, from a mediation practitioner’s perspective, the roles that diasporas can play as catalysts for dialogue in peace processes. Using insights from two case studies – Laos and Papua (Indonesia) – he takes a look at the current debate around the role of diasporas in conflict resolution and draws on lessons learnt from Laos and Papua to suggest ways in which peacemakers can constructively engage diaspora communities.

Diasporas as catalysts for dialogue: the cases of Laos and Papua is the fifth paper in the Oslo Forum Papers series. The Oslo Forum Papers seek to advance thinking and debate on key, yet sensitive, issues linked to armed conflict mediation and international peacemaking.