Fostering peace


The HD Centre has been operating as an independent mediation organisation for over a decade. As an impartial Swiss-based organisation, the HD Centre works to develop constructive dialogue among those in conflict and supports the efforts of other mediation actors, including international and regional organizations.

With offices in Europe, Africa and Asia, the HD Centre is actively working to establish and sustain peace through dialogue in more than fifteen different conflicts around the world. It also continually assesses emerging conflicts and considers how its mediation and peacemaking expertise might contribute to resolving them.

To prevent violent conflict, the HD Centre works with political and civil leaders, including women and young people, to establish the structures needed to ensure societies remain peaceful during critical periods such as elections and political transitions.

Where violent conflict has broken out, the HD Centre works to establish dialogue between the leaders of opposing groups.  In some cases, initial dialogue efforts develop into formal talks and, ultimately, sustainable peace agreements. The HD Centre may also stay involved after an agreement has been signed to support the implementation process and promote reconciliation across divided societies.

The HD Centre may work to establish a dialogue between opposing groups in an effort to improve the delivery of humanitarian assistance to civilian populations.   Depending on the conditions and the conflict, the HD Centre works independently, confidentially, or in partnership with official mediators or mediation organisations, national governments, regional organisations or the United Nations.